Hospitality Poor at Upscale Restaurants
Study at 100 Restaurants Confirms Results
GetDining Research, Development and Marketing just evaluated 100 upscale restaurants in Ventura County, The San Fernando Valley and Pasadena and their research showed the level of hospitality extended to guests received average grades of less than 20%.

GetDining conducted this study at the following restaurants. Restaurant scores are intentionally omitted.
Upscale Restaurants in Study
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2014 Hospie Winners
San Fernando Valley
& Pasadena
Ventura County Westlake Village
& Agoura Hills
Briana Feehan
11334 Moorpark St
Studio City, California
Michael Robb
Lure Fish House
60 S California St
Ventura, California
Kris Johnson
Trattoria Neapolis
336 S Lake Ave
Pasadena, California
Quintin Bauerle
Tuscany il Ristorante
968 S Westlake Blvd
Westlake Village, California
Timnesha Solise
Ruth’s Chris Steak House
6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Woodland Hills, California
Shelby Borg
La Dolce Vita
740 S B St
Oxnard, California
Hospitality Tip
Our research shows upscale restaurant staff frequently uses disingenuous, patronizing or at times even dis-
respectful language. The english language is extensive and provides many alternatives to be precise and show
a genuine interest in the guest dining experience.
  • Guests should not be referred to as "you guys"
    or "you two".

  • Regularly using "my pleasure" Reeks of disingenuousness.

  • Greeting guests with "do you have a
    reservation" rather than a warm welcome
    will not set a positive rhythm.
The following Hospitality Tip is available without
charge in a 4x6 card professionally printed.
Please email us to request 25 cards.
GetDining to Introduce
Hospitality Nuggets
Time, Convenience and Effectiveness are the keys
GetDining will offer to upscale restaurants develop-
ment tools that take very short amount of time to conveniently teach restaurant staff.

The subjects will vary and are designed to improve
the level of hospitality restaurants offer their guests. Managers or instructors will be provided with a train-
ing guide on how to effectively implement the nuggets.